Lunar Magic 1.81

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kp obs der richtige thread ist und ob ihrs schon habt aber ich habs eben gefunden ^^

* Lunar Magic v1.81
Added: 2010-09-25 01:51:57 AM This is THE vital tool to hack SMW.

This version includes Ersanio's Extreme FastROM patch as well as a new backup system, which creates a restore point after a configurable amount of saves.

The Map16 editor and the palette editor (the OW palette editor too) both got an upgrade, the map 16 editor now allows you to select many tiles at once which will be treated like 1 object by LM and the palette Editor now has an undo/redo feature as well as a few buttons to insert/extract palettes easier.
OW palettes now are 4BPP and you now can use custom palettes on the OW.

Also included are a few graphical fixes, like a new font, some windows load faster and some sprite palettes now appear correctly in Lunar Magic.

More changes documented in the help file. ... type=tools
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Ja, ist bekannt. Lange schon bekannt.